Genna Benna Restaurant 200 Town Square Dr
Brandon, MS 39042
Tel: 601-724-4837
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BBQ Shrimp and Grits

A new take on a Georgia Blue favorite. Our signature grits with New Orleans style BBQ shrimp and sauce. Welcome to the Big Easy!

Beef Tip Stuffed Potato

A massive baked potato topped with our popular sirloin beef tips and gravy, covered in beer-braised peppers and onions

Hamburger Steak

A full pound of our custom burger blend grilled to perfection! Sitting atop this monster are brown butter mashed potatoes, beer-braised peppers & onions and brown gravy. Pace yourself!

Porterhouse Pork Chop

16 oz Porterhouse chop, grilled with our Signature Seasoning, served with our brown butter mashed potatoes and garlic rosemary mushrooms

Pan-Seared Fish with Bacon and Andouille Cream Sauce

Your choice of either Mississippi-raised Delacata cut catfish or redfish pan-seared and sitting atop our made-to-order rice pilaf, topped with bacon and andouille cream sauce

Genna Benna Chicken Tenders

A generous half-pound of breaded chicken tenderloins fried in our signature breading to a golden brown, served with GB Honey Mustard and fries

Sous Vide Lamb Chops

Sous vide prepared lamb chops, seared to order atop our brown butter mashed potatoes and served with our mustard mint sauce